Back From Market: Walkers Flowershop

Walkers1As most of us are recovering from the holidays and settling in for the remaining weeks of winter, retailers from across the country make the trek to cities such as Atlanta, Denver and Dallas to get a firsthand look at the new trends, styles and colors that will define the coming year. This annual ritual is known as “going to market”. In the coming weeks, we will give local business owners an opportunity to share what they’ve learned at market and give you a sneak peek at what you can expect to see in 2015. This week we visit with Ann Edelman, owner of Walkers  Flower Shop in Downtown Huron.

How would describe the experience of going to market?

Ann Edelman-  It’s sort of an overgrown Mall of America, located in several large cities. We go to the Dallas market which is held in three, seventeen floor buildings. We purchase most of our inventory at market. Going to market kind of refreshes you and helps you stay on top of the latest trends and colors.

IWalkers2n your industry, color is very important. What are some of the hot new colors for 2015?

Ann Edelman- Every year, Pantone paint company comes out with a new color. This year the hot color is Marasala, which is a brick-red with a little bit of cranberry. It’s very pretty when mixed with tan, taupe and gray. Last year, we saw a lot of blue and this year it was all over market, along with grey. We’ll offer those colors in accent pieces that our customers can incorporate with what they already have in their homes.

What are some of the new items we can expect to see at Walkers in 2015?

Walkers5Ann Edelman- We have picked up a couple of new jewelry and handbags lines. There are some new shabby chic pieces. Also, some nice wall art and prints that pair sleek design with traditional themes. So that’s a neat twist.

When will these new lines and looks start arriving at Walkers?

Ann Edelman- Freight has already starting arriving, we have three pallet loads in right now. It arrives constantly throughout the year. We have a huge presence on social media and we post regularly in an effort to keep our customers updated about our new inventory, lines , bouquet styles and techniques WAlkers4we are using. I try to keep up on the latest trends and styles. I think that’s important for Huron.

Walkers Flower Shop is located at 346 Dakota Avenue South in Huron. Contact Walkers at 352-2100.

Shawn Martin



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