Huron Community Foundation Announces 2015 Grant Season

Huron Community FoundationThe Huron Community Foundation is accepting 2015 grant applications from February 15 to April 1. This marks the 10th consecutive year of HFC grants, with $41,500 available for distribution this year. The year’s grants will bring the HCF”s support of community organizations to $238,560 since its inception in 2004. Grants will be awarded the week of the 11th annual HCF pheasants baseball game on May 17th.

The HCF is seeking grant requests directed toward specific projects or programs that will enhance the long-term quality of life for Huron residents. Grant applications to fund reoccurring programs, ongoing operations, payroll or overhead expenses are not eligible for consideration. To avoid undue reliance on Foundation grant funds, specific projects and programs are generally not eligible for grant awards for more than two consecutive years.

HCF grant awards are normally approved in the range between $500 and $5,000 with exceptions considered based on the merit of individual proposals. Larger funding requests, multi-year funding requests, or a combination thereof may  be proposed for large projects with significant community-wide impact.

The Foundation Grant Committee scores applications using a weighted matrix based on scoring criteria posted on their website, Electronic applications are preferred and are also on the website. Paper applications may be picked up at the Huron Chamber office. Applications must be returned prior to April 1st for consideration.

Individuals, families, and organizations can establish their own named endowment fund under the umbrella of the HCF fund. Two such funds are the Event Center Fund, available for Event Center improvement grants; and the Wheeler Family Fund, with grants directed by Wheeler family members. To date, the HCF has nearly $1.3 million permanently endowed to benefit the Huron community.

Information on the Huron Community Foundation and director contact information can be accessed at its website.

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