Back from Market: Double D Western Wear

DSCN0379 - Copy - CopyOver the next few weeks, we will be talking to our local retailers about the annual ritual known as “going to market”, a term many of us are familiar with but may not completely understand. We will give our local business owners a chance to share what they’ve learned at market and give you a sneak peek at what you can expect to see in 2015. This week we visit with Judy Stevens, owner of Double D Western Wear.

Judy, please explain what it means to go to market and why you go every year.

DSCN0390When we go to market, we are looking at product that in some cases won’t be delivered for several months, so we are forecasting what we believe will be popular during that time of year. For example, even though we are in the midst of winter, we were looking at  outer wear for the 2015-2016 season. Everything we order has to have that “wow” factor. But a lot of it is also instinct; if we think it will be popular at Double D, we will order it.

Talk about some of what we’ll be seeing at Double D in 2015.

DSCN0395Montana Jewelry has changed their line a lot: this year they hired their own jewelry designer. The quality of Montana Jewelry has always been great but now its even better. Some of what we saw is in the store now. Some of the jewelry has already arrived. We also have new mens and ladies boots from Tanner Mark, a new boot company we are working with, and we have new tack in the store, in the latest colors. We’ll have new felt and straw hats from the Tuff Cooper line arriving soon.

Going to market sounds hectic, but it must also be exciting as you get a sneak peak at all the new looks.

DSCN0388Yes, it is. We attend fashion shows and seminars.Our days are pretty much scheduled out , we have appointments everyday. Vendors will show us their lines and we will select what we want to carry at Double D.

This just illustrates how much planning goes into determining what merchandise you see on the shelves here at the store, and also one of the advantages of shopping locally: Double D store is ordering with the local customers in mind.

We have different events in our area throughout the year, like barrel racing for example, and we DSCN0382 - Copyhave to determine what we need to carry during those times of year and that we have enough product. Take men’s shirts for example; every company will have fifty to seventy-five shirts to choose from and we’ll see even more throughout the year. But that’s one of the advantages of being an independent store; unlike a corporate store, we do our own ordering our own product. We try to keep the latest styles in stock.

Shawn Martin

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