Bucky’s Restaurant and Lounge nears opening

The wait for Huron’s newest restaurant may soon be over, and owner Jason Buckmaster believes “Bucky’s Restaurant and Lounge” will be “well worth the wait”.

While the exterior of 256 Wisconsin may not have changed dramatically, the interior of the building now bears little resemblance to Mulligan’s, the iconic bar that was a fixture in Huron. For the past several months, Buckmaster has been busy transforming the space to accommodate a sit down restaurant. The process has included tearing up five layers of floor, a 24×34 addition for the kitchen, installing new ceramic tile and replacing the buildings plumbing and wiring. After what he describes as “touch-up work in the kitchen”, Buckmaster hopes to open for business by mid-April at the latest.

Buckmaster, a Huron native with several years of experience in the bar/restaurant industry, says the focus will be on the food; “Bucky’s” will offer a full menu and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar will feature 24 taps and a wide selection of beer and wines.

Shawn Martin

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