Huron Master Gardeners Present Free Exhibiting and Judging Workshop

The Huron Area Master Gardeners are presenting an exhibiting and judging workshop free for the public on Saturday, March 28, 2015, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Third & Lincoln Avenue Meeting Room (former Extension Office—southeast door).

At 1 pm Ms. Glenda Oakley, SD Extension Master Gardener from Huron, SD will give a presentation on methods of cutting & showing fresh flowers and techniques for the art of drying your garden flowers.

At 2 pm Mr. Jerry Mills, retired Extension Horticulture Specialist from Aberdeen, SD will give a presentation on methods for harvesting, exhibiting, and judging fruits & vegetables to be displayed at the South Dakota State Fair.

At 3 pm Sandra Uecker, Wildlife Refuge Manager for US Fish & Wildlife Service and native plant expert, will give a presentation on the methods of identifying, harvesting, planting & displaying native plants and grasses. This presentation will better prepare participants for exhibiting these plants during the South Dakota State Fair.  It will also be of benefit for growing native plants & grasses in your own landscape.

You may register by emailing or phoning 605-458-2275.

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