Huron Woman Wins Free Fuel from Cenex

A local resident has received a special thank you for her contribution to the community. Kristen Schroeder of Huron, was selected to receive free fuel from Tanks of Thanks®, a program that rewards people who do good deeds to help make their community just a little bit better.

The Tanks of Thanks program from CHS and Cenex® retailers encourages people to nominate friends, family and neighbors for free fuel as a way to say thank you for doing good in the community. Each month, CHS and Cenex give away more than $5,000 in free fuel through the Tanks of Thanks program.

Schroeder was nominated for her dedication as her mother’s caregiver and for her work as a therapist. Whether it’s a fellow community member, a friend, or a teen at the local treatment center, she is quick to offer a warm smile and a helping hand. Recently, Schroeder was selected to receive a $50 Tanks of Thanks gift card, which is redeemable at any Cenex location.

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