A Mutually Beneficial Merger: Huron Pro Clean Plus Purchases Jack’s Janitorial

Pro Clean Plus

One of Troy and Gail Styer’s goals when they started Huron Pro Clean Plus three years ago was to eventually have a storefront. With the recent purchase of Jack’s Janitorial, they have accomplished that goal and more.

“We had a conversation; we wanted a storefront and Jack (DeDyne) wanted to started moving toward retirement so we decided to come together,” Troy explains.

Beyond giving Huron Pro Clean Plus a highly visible presence in downtown Huron, the Styers are also identifying their company with the respected Jack’s Janitorial brand. Troy says Huron Pro Clean Plus/Jack’s Janitorial will continue to offer cleaning supplies and vacuum repair and sales.

“Nothing will change,” Troy says.

Styer is also able to offer new services to customers of Jack’s Janitorial including air duct inspections and cleaning: a process that can identify dirt, dander and other allergens in a home’s ductwork. Troy says it’s a good idea to have your ducts inspected after having your house shut up all winter. Particularly, if you have allergies.

“We recently purchased a camera that allows us to look around the ducts. If you think you have issues, we can inspect your ducts and determine if your ducts need cleaning. We can also fog your ducts with a germicide to help with Spring time allergies.”

To reach Huron Pro Clean Plus/Jack’s Janitorial or to schedule a duct inspection or cleaning, call 350-7113 or 352-5776.

Shawn Martin

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