HRMC’s Mammogram Promotion Raises Awareness of Women’s Health Issues

HRMC MammoMother’s Day is coming up and once again Huron Regional Medical Center is hoping to encourage women to take one of the best available steps toward detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages: scheduling a mammogram..

Now through May 8th, when you schedule a mammogram with HRMC you will receive a free pink rose. HRMC has offered this promotion for several years in an effort to encourage women to take time for their health.

Donna Haigh, a radiologic technologist in HRMC’s imaging department, says women 40 years of age and older should have an annual mammogram in order to detect any changes.

“We would like to see women come in at the age of 35 and do a baseline. Usually, women should come in when they turn 40 and we recommend that they come each year after that until their physician tells them that it is no longer necessary. A lot of women wait two or three years between mammograms and they find out that they shouldn’t have waited.”

For some women, there is a stigma attached to mammogram. They not only worry that the experience will be painful but also dread the uneasiness that accompanies waiting for the results.

Haigh says there is nothing to fear.

“HRMC is fortunate to have a digital mammo machine so we are able to see the images right away. We never leave the patient alone. If you’ve had a bad experience with mammograms in the past, talk to us. We’ll make sure you are comfortable the whole time. ”

Mammograms are one of the few services offered at HRMC that a patient can schedule for themselves, as most services require a physician’s order.

“If you are over the age 35, and have no symptoms, you can call the  imaging department to schedule your own mammogram, as long as you have a provider to whom we can send the results,” Haigh explains.

In addition to mammograms, Haigh says self breast exams are central to early detection.

“Monthly self-exams are recommended for women beginning at age 20. We have literature and videos at the hospital for anyone interested in learning how to conduct a self-exam. You do the exam however is most comfortable for you but you should also make sure you do the exam the same way each month”

Call 353-6246 to schedule your mammogram and receive a free pink rose.

Although you must call and schedule the appointment between now and May 8th to take advantage of the promotion, the mammogram itself can be performed any time between April 27th and Oct. 30, 2015.

Shawn Martin

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