Huron Resident Needs Funds For Vital Surgery

Jennifer HilesHuron resident Jennifer Marie Hiles has lived her entire life with a rare and extremely painful condition known as Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM).

Jennifer was born with what doctors originally thought was a birthmark on her face. Unfortunately, the “birthmark” was an early manifestation of AVM.

When Jennifer was five, she was losing so much blood that she needed transfusions. Eventually, doctors would put a portacath in her heart . By the age of ten 10, Jennifer’s “birthmark” had grown into a large mass between her eyes and her upper lip began to get larger. Despite multiple surgeries, Jennifer continued to suffer from tumors in her cheek and upper lip, headaches, sudden vision changes and nose bleeds; problems which persist to this day.

Jennifers family eventually contacted Dr. Milton Waner, after seeing him on Jennifertelevision, and she was soon being treated by the doctor at his Little Rock, Arkansas office. Dr. Waner diagnosed Jennifer with Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) along with tumors. She also learned that the growth on her face was actual a complex mass of veins and arteries and that the slightest break in one of the veins or arteries could trigger a fatal hemorrhage.

Before Jennifer could complete her treatment, Dr. Waner relocated to New York City and stopped accepting Medicaid. Jennifer is scheduled to be at the Vascular Institute of New York on July 14th, 3:45pm for a consultation with Dr. Waner, followed by surgery the next day. But, she needs help meeting the cost of the surgery and travel.

A GoFundMe site has been set up to help Jennifer cover her medical expenses. Please visit the site to learn more about Jennifer’s story and to make a contribution.

A benefit and silent auction  will be held at the Huron Elks. For more information, contact Jaima Schultz at 461-4614.

Shawn Martin

One thought on “Huron Resident Needs Funds For Vital Surgery

  1. There is also a Well’s Fargo Account under “Jennifer Hiles Fund” set up. Any branch nationwide is taking donations!


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