Last Minute Mother’s Day ideas from Walkers Flower Shop

While you might be able get away with buying Dad a tie for Fathers Day every year ( maybe even the same tie), Mothers Day is different.

We all want to make Mom happy.

That’s where Walker’s Flower Shop can help.

Ann Edleman, owner of Walkers, has several unique ideas for Mothers Day. When it comes to floral arrangements, there are several colorful options.

“In our 21 years in Huron, buying trends have definitely changed; customers want fun items. Peonies, Gerberas, Protea have become very popular. We can do whatever the customer wants; if your Mom likes Daisies, we can design an arrangement that is one of kind,” says Edleman.

Walker’s can also help you remind Mom how special she is year round.

“Flowers For a Year” is very popular. Basically, you get Mom a floral bouquet with a note attached that says, this is entitles you to a years worth of flowers. She can a different bouquet each month: for example, she could get Tulips and Dutch flowers for the Spring and rich colors for Fall. It’s a way to make Mom feel special year round.”

Edleman says she can work with any budget.

“We can design an arrangement for $10 to $200.”

Call Walkers to schedule delivery at 352-2100 or visit their website.

Shawn Martin

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