Bob Glanzer Promotes New Book “You Can’t Un-Ring A Bell”

Photo courtesy of LakeHaus Productions

Photo courtesy of LakeHaus Productions

For the past four a half years, retired agricultural banker and former state fair manager Bob Glanzer has contributed a column to PrairieTracks magazine. Readers will now have the chance to enjoy Bob’s writings in book form with the publication of “You Can’t Un-Ring a Bell”. The book is a collection of all fifty plus “PrairieTracks” articles and also includes some never before published material.

“I started writing the article while working at American Bank and Trust. The original focus was ag banking but it eventually transitioned I nto a column about my passions and interests. When people read the column they say, “Man, that brings back some memories”, Glanzer says. ”

“Brad McGirr, owner of Creative Printing, thought it would be a good idea to publish the material in book form”.

The book , like the column, will cover a wide range of topics, including Glanzer’s personal remembrances of growing up and living in South Dakota, entertaining anecdotes and local history.

“The title of the book , “You Can’t Un-Ring a Bell”, comes from an old legal term. Basically, it means that once something is said in court, can’t be taken back. That’s true of life; there are no do-overs,” Glanzer explains.

Glanzer will begin promoting the book with an appearance at the Performance Radio Senior Fair, Wed. May 13th. He will read excerpts from the book beginning at 1pm.

Proceeds from the sale of the book, once the cost of publishing is covered, will be donated to local non-profit organizations such as the new 4-H building on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds. The book will be available through Creative Printing‘s website. Glanzer is hopeful that the book will be  published by June 1st.

Glanzer grew up in the Huron area, leaving to attend college in Kansas. He taught school in Wessington Springs for seven years before managing the South Dakota State Fair from 1976-1979. He then worked as an ag loan officer in Huron for 33 years before his retirement.

Glanzer and his wife, Penny, have two children, Tom who works at Northwestern Energy in Huron  and Sally Burkholder who lives in Heston, Kansas, and four grand-children.

Shawn Martin

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