Black Tie Limo Moves Forward After Vandalism

Black Tie Limo

Jodi Even , owner of Black Tie Limousine, is constantly working to improve the customer experience. This commitment to service took the Even’s to New York City earlier this Spring to pick up a new addition to the Black Tie fleet: a Vanilla Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limousine.

“We decided it was time to make a change and we wanted something cutting edge. This limo is an eye catcher. It has the look of a New York limo,” Even explains.

While getting the stretch out of the Big Apple and back home was a stressful yet fun experience, Jodi couldn’t wait to show off her new luxury limo.

”The limo has really cool lighting inside, including strobe and mood lighting. Its features include an amazing bar, with lights the passenger can control, two TVs and an incredible sound system,” Even says.

On the morning of April 9th, Jodi was preparing to take the limo on its first run, when she discovered someone had broken out several of the windows in the vehicle.

“I was in state of disbelief. We had it home for about a week when the vandalism occurred. We were one of the first to be hit. I was picking up a party at the airport that morning, so I had to scramble to change vehicles and fulfill my commitment.”

The incident was part of a wave of vandalism in the city that resulted in damage to more than 100 vehicles over a period of several weeks. Most of the damage to the limo was repaired, however, getting one of the windows replaced presents unique challenges.

“The standard windows have been replaced, but we’ve had trouble finding an 11 foot side window. Getting it to the South Dakota in one piece will be another challenge. We’ve had signs made to cover the damage for the time being. It is safety secured so we can use the limo, ” she states.

Jodi says the damage amounts to thousands of dollars.

“We won’t know the total cost until the replacement for the 11 foot window is made,” Even explains.

limo jodi2Despite these set-backs, Jodi is eager to introduce Huron to Black Tie’s new state of the art ride, and is offering a special discount through the month of June.

Through June 30th, 2015, you can book the Vanilla Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine or the Limousine Party bus for only $79 per hour.

Wedding  packages are excluded.

For more information, call Jodi at 352-5400 or visit Black Tie’s Facebook page.

Shawn Martin

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