Office Peeps: The President Sat Here

ObamaAt one time, it was common to see signs reading “George Washington Slept Here” posted in sleepy little communities across the U.S. It was a marketing tool that towns, attractions and hotels employed in hopes that trading on the name of the Founding Father would encourage visitors to spend time, and money, there. Unfortunately, the claim was not always strictly true ( unless the first President spent every night of his life on the road).

Office Peeps has put a contemporary , and truthful , twist on this old tourism cliché : “The President Sat Here”.

When President Barack Obama attended graduation ceremonies at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown earlier this month, he didn’t sleep over but he did park his Presidential posterior onstage next to Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Which is where Office Peeps comes in.

“LATI is one of our biggest clients. When the President attended the ceremony, he sat in one of our chairs,” explains Russ Forrest, territory manager of Office Peeps in Huron.

While the President didn’t take the chair back to the Oval Office for a test drive, he could have done so, thanks to an Office Peeps program that allows customers to try a chair before they buy it.

“You can stop by Office Peeps and take a look at all of the chairs we have in stock. If you find one you like, we can bring it out to you and you can try it out for a few days. That way you can get a real feel for the chair. If you decide it’s not the right one, we’ll come pick it up and keep trying until we get it right,” Forrest says.

Visit Office Peep’s website for more information on the wide assortment of office chairs , and everything else, they offer.

Shawn Martin

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