Anticipation Grows for East River Nursery’s Spring Garden Party

Despite the fact that the weather has felt more like early Fall than the beginning of June in recent weeks, gardeners know that it’s time to start getting their hands dirty. This weekend, June 5th and 6th, East River Nursery kicks off the season with the Annual Spring Garden Party. Julie Hoffman , owner of East River Nursery, says the event has continued to grow in scope and popularity over it’s 18 year history.

“We’re always amazed at how many people, not only attend, but plan for the event. People are asking a year ahead of time who we will have for speakers. We have many visitors from out-of-state who attend every year,” Hoffman says.

A less welcome visitor at past Garden Parties has been the rain.

“It always seems to rain for the Garden Party. In the past we’ve had the event in a tent, and in some years we’ve been up to our ankles in water, but now everything is indoors. Rain or shine, everything will go on as planned,”Hoffman explains.

A big part of the Spring Garden Party are the special speakers who share their expertise and experience with attendees during the morning and afternoon seminars.

“Our  speaker this year will be Jayne Roberts from Walters Gardens. She is a perennial expert, she travels around the world looking for new perennials. The 10am session will deal with building rain gardens and water management. In many parts of the country water conservation is a big issue and prior to the rain we’ve received, we thought we might be heading into a dry year. At the 3pm session, Jayne will talk about appropriate plants for a dry land or rain garden.”

You don’t have to RSVP for the seminars and there is no charge to attend.

For more information on East River Nursery’s Spring Garden Party and this weekend’s specials visit

Shawn Martin

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