Be a Lucky Duck! Shop Huron and Win up to $25,000!

How much of what you and your family need, whether its food, clothing, home furnishings, vehicles or entertainment, can you find right here in Huron?

The Huron Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau posed this simple question last year with “Shop Huron and Win”, a holiday promotion that encouraged residents to do as much of their shopping in Huron as possible for a chance to win up to $25,000.00 in Huron Bucks.

The results of the promotion proved that finding most everything you need in Huron is not only possible but its also profitable for our community in the form of boosted sales tax revenues.

Mayor Paul AylwardAccording to Huron mayor Paul Aylward, “Shop Huron and Win” succeeded in educating local consumers about the multiple benefits of keeping as many dollars in our community as possible and also contributed to an increase in sales tax receipts during the two month life of the promotion.

“Shop Huron and Win” was very successful. We estimate that Huron saw an increase in sales tax collections of between 8 to 9 percent across that time period, which we attribute to “Shop and Win”.

Aylward says shopping locally represents a “win, win, win situation” for Huron.

“It’s a win for our merchants. Not only does our local business community need our support but if we want to attract new business, we need to support the merchants that are already here. New businesses coming to town look at local sales tax receipts and the vitality of the community. We need to do whatever we can to ensure that those numbers look good.”

“The consumer also wins. We have many unique local shops and big box stores, that carry a wide variety of goods.You don’t have to drive out of town since you can find almost everything you need here in Huron.”

“The other win is for our city. For every dollar you spend in Huron, part of the tax money remains in Huron and helps pay for the amenities that we all need and expect from local government., including our police and fire departments, 911 dispatchers, water, garbage collection, parks, library, streets and other services.”

The Chamber intends to build on the success of “Shop Huron and Win” with a new take on the promotion, “Be a Lucky Duck”. The campaign will coincide with the back to school shopping season and will encourage residents to purchase what their students need for the upcoming school year right here in Huron.

“Be a Lucky Duck” kicks off July 4th and is similar to the holiday version of “Shop Huron and Win” in several respects but also includes some fun twists. Participants will submit receipts for $25 or more from Huron businesses, dated July 4th – August 7th, for an opportunity to win up to $25,000 in Huron Bucks. Every receipt from a Huron Chamber member will qualify as a double entry. During the five week run of the promotion, forty names will be drawn each week and each week one qualifier will win $100 in Huron Bucks. All of the weekly qualifiers will be given a number that corresponds to a rubber duck. That duck could be their ticket to even bigger prizes.

Laurie SheltonLaurie Shelton, Executive Director of the Huron Chamber and Visitors Bureau, says the promotion will culminate in a duck race at Splash Central Waterpark.

“The duck race will take place August 15th in Splash Central Waterpark’s Lazy River. Whoever is holding the number that matches the number on the first duck to cross the finish line will win $1000.00 in Huron Bucks. If the winner’s number also matches a randomly pre-selected number, they will win $25,0000 in Huron Bucks.”

Shelton says there are a few other changes that will add even more value for the community.

“When you are entering your receipts online, you can also vote for an area school of your choice. The school that receives the most votes will be awarded a $500 cash prize.”

“Merchants can also win with “Be a Lucky Duck”; if the winning receipt is from their business, they will receive an advertising package. We think these are exciting new additions.”

“Shopping local is a win for all of us. We hope everyone will get on board and be a “Lucky Duck.”

“Be a Lucky Duck-Shop Huron and Win” terms and conditions can be found on the Huron Chamber and Visitors Bureau’s website. Performance Radio, the Plainsman and HuronNOW will have more details in the coming weeks.

Shawn Martin

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