Back to School Shopping Challenge Families Share Experiences

In early July, Tim and Emily Davis, Dennis and Peggy Heinz and Shawn and Taunya Martin accepted the “Back to School Shopping Challenge” on behalf of their families and set out to do as much of their shopping , as possible, for the upcoming school year in Huron. Since that time they have been documenting their finds with the help of “selfie sticks”, donated by Angie Uttecht of Ace Realty, and sharing the pics on Facebook and the Here in Huron blog.

While each family still has a few more items on their lists, the lion’s share of the shopping is done and the results might come as a surprise to those who claim they can’t find “anything” in Huron.

The “Challenge” families have purchased much of what their students will need this school year at a mix of Huron retailers, including “big box stores” such as K-Mart and Wal-Mart, chain stores like Lewis and Maurices and the locally owned Blue Bird Consignment, Boss Boutique, Clothing Co., Double D Western Wear and PB Sports.

While admittedly these back to school shoppers haven’t found all of what they are looking for locally, the bulk of their children’s clothing and school supplies have been purchased right here in town. The “Challenge” serves as a reminder that while Huron doesn’t have everything , you can certainly satisfy most of your shopping needs without leaving the city limits or shopping online.

Back to School Huron SDPeggy Heinz says the experience has been both enjoyable and enlightening.

“I’ve had fun with the experiment. It makes you more aware of what Huron has to offer and it makes you stop and think about all the options you have in town. We like to support Huron any way we can.”

Taunya Martin believes taking the time to shop in Huron is well worth the Shopping Challenge Huron SDeffort, especially when you consider the consequences of not supporting the local business community.

“It really wasn’t hard to find what we needed. I think consumers sometimes believe that shopping locally isn’t as convenient as visiting an online retailer. We can all do this, if we just try to spend more of our dollars with local businesses rather than automatically looking outside of Huron.”

Shopping challenge Huron SDEmily Davis says the “Challenge” has been fun for her family & has reinforced her desire to support local businesses.

“I still feel it is very important to support our local stores and it in turn supports the community as a whole. I enjoy having the stores and options that we have here already and we all need to support them so they continue to be options for us.”

As the “Back to School Shopping Challenge” winds down, your opportunity to win up to $25,000 is also drawing to a close. This is the final week you may enter receipts online, at, for a chance to “Be A Lucky Duck”. Each finalists receives a rubber duck, which will be entered in the race, Aug. 15th at Splash Central Waterpark, to determine the grand prize winner.

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