Two Huron Residents Among Dakota Pride Honorees

Each year, South Dakota Farmers Union recognizes individuals who give back to their communities with the Rural Dakota Pride Award. This year two well known Huron residents are among the honorees:
Bob Glanzer
As a boy, Bob Glanzer dreamed of becoming a world champion bull rider.
Although, as he puts it, during his rodeo career he ‘was never a big threat in the rodeo world,’ today, Bob’s rodeo passion serves as a conduit to encourage young cowboys and cowgirls to grow in their faith.
Bob Glanzer, You Can't Unring a Bell“I want my life to count for and glorify Christ,” says Bob, who has taught calf roping to aspiring rodeo athletes in the past and is still actively involved in Cowboys for Christ Rodeo Bible Camp for more than 20 years. Bob served as co-chair of National High School Rodeo and National Little Britches Rodeo, along with giving his time to numerous other service organizations.
Each week, Bob and his wife, Penny, also lead a Bible study and host an annual chuck wagon feed at Our Home, a rehabilitation program for Huron-area youth who have been impacted by drug, alcohol and sexual abuse. “I think many kids are missing a very important dimension in their life that is faith. We work to help them understand that there is more to life than fulfilling your passions or emotions with drugs, alcohol and other abuses.”
When he looks back on the impact that his faith has had on his life, the retired ag-loan officer says faith in God helped him find focus and direction. “Faith was always important in my family, but I didn’t make it my own until I was in college. That’s when I made a commitment and decided my life would reflect this commitment through my service to youth, community and church.” Retired only three years, Bob fills his days with volunteer service and spending time with his children, Sally Burkholder and Tom Glanzer, and five grandchildren. In 2015, he published his first book, You Can’t Unring the Bell, a compilation of columns he has written for Prairie Tracks magazine.
Ken Lindblad
Each Christmas, more than 134 Huron families receive enough food to feed their family during the 10-day Christmas vacation thanks to the 67-year-old Salvation Army Christmas Basket Program.
“I truly believe that if it wasn’t for the generosity of people who donate to this program, there would be families who would not have Christmas,” says Ken Lindblad, who has been the program organizer since 1979.
Salvation Army Christmas Basket ProgramTo raise enough funds to feed more than 450 individuals, each Christmas Ken organizes a telethon over four evenings, which features 20 talent groups.
In 2014, the telethon raised $58,000. “It’s the only one of its kind,”explains Ken of the fundraiser he inherited when he began working as a KIJV radio DJ and continued organizing when he transitioned careers to work as the Beadle County Veterans Service Officer in 1995.
Ken is quick to explain that the Christmas Basket program would not succeed without the almost 300 volunteers and nearly 1,000 folks who pledge. “It’s not all me. I’ve been told I’m just the glue that holds it all together.”
Retired since July 1, 2015, Ken plans to continue his involvement as program organizer.  Introduced to public service as a youngster working at his family’s Wolsey filling station, Ken says he has always enjoyed working to make his community a better place.
“I love South Dakota and this community. I know this may sound cheesy, but I want to make a difference and this program is one way I can do that.”
As a three-time cancer survivor, he feels called to give back. “I always felt like I need to give of myself because I’ve been given a second and third chance at life for a reason.”
Ken is married to Debbie. The couple has two grown children and three grandchildren.
Other honorees include, Donna Kubik of Hamill, Lyndee Fogelman of Piedmont and Steve & Carol Smith of Groton. A recognition ceremony will be held Sept. 5 at 11 a.m. on the Freedom Stage at the S.D. State Fair

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