WISSOTA 100 Returning to Huron in 2016

The WISSOTA Board of Directors has announced that the 2016 WISSOTA 100 will return to Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron, SD after reviewing proposals from all interested track promoters last week.

Dakota State Fair Speedway Huron SD Wissota 100“DSFS has done an outstanding job in hosting the WISSOTA 100 and the community has been almost unbelievably supportive,” said WISSOTA executive director Terry Voeltz. “The streak of successful WISSOTA 100s in Huron has been a great thing for our drivers, who reap the benefits of it; the drivers get an astounding payoff at the WISSOTA 100.  Even the point funds have seen increases as a result of the success of the WISSOTA 100,”  he added.

“No event in and around the WISSOTA region – at any track – comes close in matching the WISSOTA 100 payoff, and that is because of the tremendous sponsor and fan support that’s been abundantly clear since the event began being held at the Fairgrounds.”

Dakota State Fair Speedway is located at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds, which has very ample room for racers to run side by side on the track and also to pit with plenty of room to work on their cars; in addition, the fairgrounds contain more than 1,200 campsites.

“There were good reasons to bring the event to Huron in the first place,” said Voeltz, “and today those reasons continue along with many new reasons the event enjoys the success that it does. Tradition is a major part of a premier event such as the WISSOTA 100 and that has been one of our goals – establishing a tradition.”

Racers and fans often have questions about the site selection process for the WISSOTA 100.

“We have the following procedures that we follow when we look for the host track for our premier event,” continued Voeltz. “We send out a letter asking every WISSOTA track to notify the WISSOTA office if they have an interest in hosting the race. After the deadline date for these replies, we then send out proposal forms for the interested tracks to complete and return to WISSOTA.

“Any and all proposals are then opened and reviewed by the board and employees with all the criteria being compared and analyzed. We look at the facility itself, capacity of the grandstands, pit capacity, camping and motel room availability, experience of the promoter and their staff, cooperation of the community, history of events at the speedway, even sponsorships offered by the speedway.

“Location is a factor as well, but we are mindful that no matter where the event is held, people have to travel to get to it.

“After reviewing the proposals, the board then votes on what they believe is the best proposal presented. It is a pretty simple and straightforward process,” said Voeltz.

The 2015 Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16 Through Saturday, September 19 with Tuesday, September 15 slated as a practice day at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

Dates for the 2016 event will be Wednesday, September 14 through Saturday, 17 with a practice session again offered on Tuesday before the first race night.

For information on WISSOTA’s marquee event, visit online at www.wissota.org.

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