HRMC Wins Annual Hunger Games Food Drive

In conjunction with the United Way Heartland Region Back to Football Friday, the annual Hunger Games food drive was held in September.

The city-wide food drive competition benefited the Heartland Region Backpack program, serving children in Huron, Iroquois and Wolsey-Wessington.   In all 2,719 items were donated by total by employees from 10 local companies. All non-expired, non-perishable food items were accepted and delivered to the Backpack program, making the true winners the children of the region who are food insecure.

hrmc united way heartland region huron sd

Mary Pearson, president of Northwest Pipe, last year’s winner, presents the traveling trophy to Phyllis Jones, a surgery nurse at HRMC. Northwest Pipe coordinated this year’s annual event but chose not to include their employee contributions in the contest in order to allow a different business the opportunity to win. Also pictured are some of the HRMC employees who contributed food items: (from left) JoAnn Jones, Sandie Hathaway, RN, Pam Bruckner, Pearson, Joani Ochsner, RN, Jones, Katlyn Rostyn, RN, Deanne Ness, RN, Devin Fritzsche, surgery tech, and Pam Shoultz, RN.

However, to win the trophy each company’s donations were divided by the number of participants to determine an average per person.  Huron Regional Medical Center came up with the best per person average of nearly 25 items per donating employee for the 344 total items donated.

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