Shop Huron for a Chance to Win Up to $5000!

The Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau is excited to announce the second annual Christmas Shop Huron & Win campaign. “The initial promotion that kicked off last year was a great success, and we would like to continue rewarding residents for shopping local,” says Laurie Shelton, President/CEO. “The results have proven that finding most everything you need in Huron is not only possible, but it’s also profitable for the community in the form of boosted sales tax revenues.”A few enhancements to the promotion this year are sure to generate excitement with more opportunities to win great prizes donated by local sponsors in addition to the guaranteed grand prize of $5,000 in Huron Bucks. For every $25 shoppers spend on goods and services at Huron businesses from November 12 through December 17, they will enter online for a chance to win one of many prizes valued from $50 up to the $5,000 grand prize. Twenty weekly qualifiers will be randomly selected and one lucky qualifier will win a specially designated prize each week of the promotion.

A “Shop Local Saturday” celebration will be held on December 19 in Downtown Huron. Shoppers have an additional opportunity to make purchases that day and submit receipts for a final chance to be a qualifier. Receipts from December 19 may only be entered at the event, online receipts will not be considered. Several finalists will be drawn from the qualifiers. The finalists must be present at the event and will choose a gift containing either the guaranteed $5,000 or another great prize. All finalists will win something.

“We would like to offer an exceptional reward to shoppers coming into Huron as well this year,” says Shelton. A special drawing will be held for out-of-town shoppers entering the contest with zip codes from outside of Huron. Four names will be randomly selected at the Shop Local Saturday event to win $250 each in Huron Bucks.

Receipts must be a minimum of $25 and may not be combined to reach the minimum amount. Shopping at Huron Chamber member businesses doubles your entries. For a receipt of $500 or more, there will be a maximum of 20 entries (40 for Chamber member businesses). A list of Huron Chamber members is available online at

Receipts must include name of the business and may only be submitted once. If your receipt entry is drawn you will verify with the Chamber that the information that you entered online matches your receipt. Receipts for credit purchases must be store receipts, not credit card statements. Receipts for regularly monthly or annual payments do not qualify. (Examples include: utility or energy bill, phone bill, house payment, insurance payment, etc.)

Mayor Paul Aylward says shopping locally represents a “win, win, win situation” for Huron. “It’s a win for our merchants. Not only does our local business community need our support but if we want to attract new business, we need to support the merchants that are already here. New businesses coming to town look at local sales tax receipts and the vitality of the community. We need to do whatever we can to ensure that those numbers look good.”

“The consumer also wins. We have many unique local shops and even local big box stores that carry a wide variety of goods. You don’t have to drive out of town since you can find almost everything you need here in Huron.”

“The other win is for our city. For every dollar you spend in Huron, part of the tax money remains in Huron and helps pay for the amenities that we all need and expect from local government., including our police and fire departments, 911 dispatchers, water, garbage collection, parks, library, streets and many other services.”

The Shop Huron & Win promotion is made possible in part by the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau, Performance Radio, and the Plainsman. Entries can be made online at More information, including terms and conditions and additional event information, can also be found at this website. Please contact the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau with any questions at 605-352-0000 or email

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