Simply Devine Talks Wedding Tips & Trends for 2016

The year is only a few weeks old but already wedding professionals are identifying emerging trends for a new year of nuptials. Rebecca Steele of Simply Devine remains informed of changing tastes and styles to help her brides plan the wedding of their dreams and better manage their budget. Recently, Rebecca shared some insights and tips for 2016.

“Gold and sequins are back, which is a lot of fun. For years, it was silver and platinum but now gold is back with a vengeance. Also, it looks like cupcakes are on the way out and sheet cakes are making a comeback. Church receptions are also coming back, as couples put more of their budget toward the actual ceremony and keep the reception simple and traditional. ”

If you are planning a tent wedding, Rebecca says there a few things to keep in mind. In addition to concerns about the wind and weather, the cost that may make a traditional venue a better choice. “You are really creating your own venue, and that includes tables, chairs and floor. While a tent wedding can be beautiful, you have to consider what Mother Nature can throw at you and the comfort of your guests.”

When it comes to “save the dates”, the announcements which basically communicate to your guest list the when and where of your special day, Rebecca says the sooner you can get those in the hands of potential guests the better. “When you have your date and venue figured out, send them out. If you send out a “save the date” you can wait a little later to send out invitations. If you do a “save the date” send the invitations out 8-10 weeks, if not send them out 12 weeks in advance. It saves you about four weeks.”

To avoid busting your wedding budget, Rebecca recommends that you pick three “must haves” for  your wedding and be prepared to make the necessary cuts to ensure you can keep the elements that you are most passionate about. The more money you can save, the more you can allocate to what’s important to you. Choosing a plated meal over a buffet can offer some savings, depending on the venue, as well as holding the wedding and reception at the same location,

To learn more about how Simply Devine can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, call or text at 461-8873 or e-mail

Visit Simply Devine’s booth at the Performance Radio Wedding Showcase, Sunday, January 31st, 12-3pm, at the Huron Event Center.

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